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Using the App

How do I save a country?

To save a country to your favorites list, please follow the instructions below. You may save up to 10 countries.

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请点击以下附件,下载中文版使用手册 《援助APP使用手册》 谢谢您使用国际SOS Assistance APP!

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How do I remove a Saved Country?

To remove a country from your list of Saved Countries, simply swipe your finger over the country name, and then click the Delete button that will appear.

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Why is the number on the app different from my membership card?

The app will reflect the Assistance Centre that is closest to your current location which, depending on your location, may not appear on your membership card. Additionally, the app dials its own set of phone n...

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Which Assistance Centres can you call from the app?

The app calls the Assistance Centre that covers the country where you are currently located. The app will detect the country and dial the number accordingly. The exception is if your organization has a dedica...

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When calling the Assistance Centre, the membership number disappears

When you call the Assistance Centre, you will be immediately transferred out of the app to your phone. Once connected to the call, you can click back on the app to retrieve the membership number. You can al...

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What if my phone's language is Mandarin or Traditional Chinese?

The Assistance App will revert to Simplified Chinese language if using a device set to a Chinese locale.

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Which Clinics are Listed in the App?

The clinics listed in the app are clinics which are available for all travellers. International SOS does have other clinics in locations around the globe, but these are only available to those who have a spec...

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