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Phones where app is available

The app is available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows devices. 

Here is the current list of supported Operating Systems for release 4.0.1: 

Android: 2.2 and higher
Blackberry: OS 10 only
iOS: OS 6.0 and higher
Windows Phone: 8.0 and higher

Assistance App version 3.1 is available for Blackberry OS 6 & 7. Please visit http://app.internationalsos.com on your device browser, you will be redirected automatically to download version 3.1 of the Assistance App from Blackberry World.
To update your Blackberry OS version to OS 10 for version 4.0.1 of the app, please visit http://helpblog.blackberry.com/2011/06/blackberry-device-software/ 

Please note that we do not currently support the Amazon Fire or Symbian phones. We also do not support any tablets; the iPad will work with the iOS iPhone version but not at full functionality; it is using an app designed for a different device with differing aspect ratios.

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